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Why do you need a Creature? 

1. Access to holders-only Discord channels 

You will gain access to: 

  • a holders-only chat 

  • a holders-only giveaway channel 

  • an NFT signal channel where new and upcoming NFT drop news will be shared 

  • an NFT signal chat to discuss anything related to NFT. Needs help with getting whitelisted for other projects? Head to this channel and other holders will help you! 

2. Get yourself a custom Catverses Creature

* only eligible if you own more than 3 Catverses between #0600 to #1300 on 28th Feb 2022

Get yourself a custom Creatures  for every 3 Creatures you own (Max 5 Custom per holder) 

What can you customize? 

  • Catverses Colour 

  • Background Colour 

  • Outfit 

  • Weapon

  • Expression

3. Fund Management 

Funds collected from Catverses' sale will be allocated as shown: 

  • 62% Project Development

  • 15% Perks (games within community, rewards, custom) 

  • 10% Catverses expense 

  • 5% Supporting other Pentas creators 

  • 5% Donation

  • 3% Zakat 

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